Iron router and blaze: get request parameter



From an external website i get an incoming request, i would like to read a parameter of this request in a template, is this possible? (I have seen the server side code of iron router, but now client side :slight_smile: )

Maybe i am thinking in the wrong direction… I know the router also has client side, so should i just store the request param i a session var (reactive var…)? I miss the link between router and template.

Use Case: i want to forward the user after login in into meteor to a url defined in the incoming request



Anyone? "…Thanks


I hope I got the question right; If you want to redirect the user depending on a certain query params, you can grab the query params from the router ( this.params.query ) and use it to redirect the user. You can use session var but if you want a more persistent way, you can alternatively use minimongo, cookies or localStorage.


Hi, thank you very much, I was thinking too difficult! I thought it would only work on the service side. Perfect you make my day

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Ps: can I also forward the request and response object to the server side? There I have imported an NPM module Qlik-auth that authenticates the user in the website the user originally tried to access.

(I am a bit lost in the client versus server side stuff, the Qlik auth module can only run server side because it has imported an certificate from Qlik sense (the external site). On the other side. I need to present a login form client side)

Thank you

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I am not familiar with qlik-auth but what you can probably do is have the code in a method that runs in the server and use'nameOfMethod', params) on user submit event.


thank you.

well this module “takes care of all the difficult security stuff”, in normal node apps in works server side.

It just takes in the request and response object and it takes care of the rest. So I should pass it this currently signed in users request and response object as a whole I think