Iron Router and User Profile Route

Hi All,

I am working on creating user profiles within my app and have found this to be not so easy. First off, I am trying to create the right route to my profile page using iron router. I followed the steps here:

Is there something off with my route?

My router.js is:

template: ‘profile’

I created a Profile Controller:
return Meteor.subscribe(“userProfile”,this.params.username);
var username=this.params.username;
return Meteor.users.findOne({username:username});

Basic HTML profile template:

<div class="container">		
	<h4>Will be adding more stuff here like Bio, Photo next</h4><br>

What would be a way to have the route correctly pass the username? Is this done in profile controller or would you create data:function and add parameter username that way instead?

I created a separate link/file for linking in the navigation which does not lead to this profile route:

<template name="_loginButtonsAdditionalLoggedInDropdownActions"> <button class="btn btn-default btn-block" id="login-buttons-edit-profile">Edit profile</button> </template>{
‘click #login-buttons-edit-profile’: function(event) {

Checking in console I get this error:
Uncaught error: missing required parameters on path “/profile/:username”. The missing params are: [“username”]. The params object passed in was: undefined.

Thanks for any help!