Iron Router causing app breaking error on newest version of Chrome

Hey everyone. If you use Chrome and are using Iron Router there’s a chance you are seeing something similar to this today.

Couldn't find a template named "dashLayout" or "dashLayout". Are you sure you defined it?

Our users certainly are :confounded:

Chrome’s newest version Version 51.0.2704.84 (64-bit), breaks the Iron Router middleware stack. (I believe).

It seems like there is a pull request to IronRouter that should fix the problem but it has yet to pass and get merged.

If you are experiencing the issue, you could possibly resolve it by updating the middleware-stack.

meteor update iron:middleware-stack

I am using Iron:Router indeed. But unfortunately the update is not the solution for me :confused:

And it is the same problem with MFirefox.

hmm. I’m not seeing this on my app.

Something in the latest version of Chrome broke Iron Router.

To fix: run meteor update iron:middleware-stack, if that doesn’t work, ensure all routes in your route definitions are named. See issue #1297.

same problem :confused:
sole it!