Iron Router docs?

I cannot find a document that lists all of the Iron Router commands and explains their possible paramters. You know, regular docs. All I can find is examples.

The examples are helpful, but they jump around a lot, and they don’t explain why to do things like this. I feel like I’m missing some previous knowledge that is needed to understand what is happening.

Do the docs exist? If so, where are they?


These are the official docs, I’ve anchored to the part I think you want:

I was aware of that, and I imagine that’s as close as what I’m looking for as I’ll find.

I’m mostly interested in learning how to use the route function and how it integrates with all of the options. I realize now that this is the same as the action function. I missed that before.

I guess it’s all there, just not layed out in a way that’s familiar to me.


You can also generally use Router in the console to get a decent idea of the methods available for the client side

I think the Iron Router docs could stand to be improved, and I should be helping more with that. I was thinking maybe more packages could start using for their documentation. It might encourage people to contribute to the docs?