Iron.Router: path matching for onBeforeAction

I just starter teaching myself how to use Meteor and Iron.Router, and I’ve run into what must be a pretty common problem: I want to redirect users to a login page if they try to access a protected part of the site (in my case, that’s anything under the /app/ path. The Iron.Router docs mentioned in passing catchall routes; the example given was /(.*). This looked to me like it would match any route that matched the given regex. So, I tried the following:

loginRedirect = function() {
	if (!Meteor.userId()) {
	} else {;

Router.onBeforeAction(loginRedirect, {
	only: ['/app/(.*)']

Predictably, however, this did absolutely nothing. Is there any easy way to have onBeforeAction trigger for some sort of regex path? I could add the login check to every single route, but that would be a lot of redundant code and would defeat the entire purpose of onBeforeAction.

Thanks in advance for any help!

How if you inherit your protected routes from base controller.

Here is my sample code :

//Base controller.
BackController = RouteController.extend({  
    onBeforeAction: function () {            
        //Authenticate the user.
        if (!Roles.userIsInRole(Meteor.user(), ['admin'])) {
        } else {

//Protected route.
Router.route('/admin/orders/q', {
    name: 'Back.orders',        
    //Inherited from base controller,
    controller: BackController.extend({
        template: 'Back.orders',
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