Iron Router route.path() method not documented?

Just a minor issue, but in the Discover Meteor book version 1.9, page 223, the following line appears in the code for the PostsListController:
var nextPath = this.route.path({postsLimit: this.postsLimit() + this.increment});

I can’t seem to find the route.path method in the Iron Router Guide. The book does make it clear that it’s performing the same function as the pathFor template helper, but how would I have known about accessing this method in the same manner? Am I expected to read the Iron Router code? I logged an issue in the I.R repo a while back but no replies yet.

P.S I know I probably should be learning Flow Router instead, but I didn’t know about F.R until I had progressed a long way into the book.

There are 2 constants in software:

  1. Software always moves faster than documentation.
  2. The source never lies.

In this case you found a workaround (pathFor) which is great, but don’t be surprised if you have to start digging into the source with open source projects. Developers like to develop - documentation is almost always a lower priority. With regards to learning Flow Router, yes you should learn it (since it is now the recommended MDG router), but don’t be surprised if you run into similar documentation issues. Again if you get comfortable with reading the source, you’ll never be confused by mismatched docs.

Thanks (but with a tiny grumble. And no heart. :stuck_out_tongue: )