Iron-router splash screen when using angular meteor

Hi guys,

I’m using angular-meteor so ui-router, but for my REST API I use iron router. Everything works great the only problem is that because I suppose I don’t use iron-router on client side I get this awful splash screen :

Organize your Meteor application.

Router.route('/', function () {
  this.render('Home', {
    data: function () { return Items.findOne({_id: this.params._id}); }

How can I remove it cause I get it on every single page of my app … :rage:

Thanks a lot


Hi @ThomCass, did you find out how to remove it?

Hi @thomaskn,

I remove it with Jquery in a SetTimeout, can’t figure out something more beautiful.

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I’m so pissed with this notice. Can’t we just use Iron Router on the server without being annoyed ?!

Use picker on server side !

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Thanks @ThomCass, didn’t knew about this package. Awesome!