Iron-router update to 1.0.8


After update to 1.0.8 version all my links are broken. I mean all links, which iron generates with pathFor.
In my jade-file:

each items
    a(href="{{pathFor ''}}")=

and routing

Router.route '/items/:slug',
    name:   ''

And everything was fine, before update… now, all links localhost:300/items/undefinedcorrect-slug-here

Any advice?


@cmather built and released this version just a few hours ago.
@none the best way to help fix this would be to generate a minimal app that shows the issue, with nothing else going on that might interfere – ideally on meteorpad I suppose. In case this is an actual bug, of course, but it’s not unlikely!


I’ve rolled back to 1.0.7 and working again…
Meteorpad is not a good idea: iron-router has version 1.0.7 (-:


Ah, alright, am not a frequent user of meteorpad and thus didn’t think
about that. (c: (Just checked and while it’s possible to select specific
versions of packages it appears to not have picked up the new 1.0.8 of
iron:router yet.)

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Likely related to this:


Oh! cool, I’m not alone (-: