Is Accounts.forgotPassword case sensitive for email based accounts?


Hi everyone,

I am finding that Accounts.forgotPassword is case sensitive. Is this normal?

For example, when a user registered as tries an Accounts.forgotPassword request with, the response from the server is User not found.

This seems odd to me because the login process is case insensitive with an email, i.e. that user could login with TeSTeR@tEstEr.Com with no problem. But the Accounts.forgotPassword seems to be applying different rules.

Anyone have any insight on this? Thanks!


It seems as though when they added the email case insensitive code, they missed using the case insensitive things in some server-side methods.

I could probably whip up a PR tonight or tomorrow unless someone else feels up to it. =)


I can confirm that! Forget password is case sensitive =/


It’s being worked at: