Is accounts-twitter still working ? help needed

Dear community,

I am struggling to set-up a simple auth with twitter in my brand new meteor app.

I use meteor + react (but actually also tried with blaze and basic accounts-ui and it didn’t work either). I get the popup to connect to my twitter app, I enter my credentials, it validates them and then it says “redirecting you back to your apps” and then popup gets blank and does not close.

When popup is blank the redirect link in the popup is the following (I just removed part of the token for readability):


Console of the app says nothing. Console of the popup says :

end_of_popup_response.js:18 Uncaught DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin “_http://localhost:3000” from accessing a cross-origin frame.

In the twitter app I have my app with the following settings:

|Access level|Read and write (modify app permissions)
$|Callback URL|
|Callback URL Locked|No
|Sign in with Twitter|Yes
|App-only authentication|
|Request token URL|
|Authorize URL|
|Access token URL|

Of course Meteor.user() is null even after blank popup.

If I copy the link of the popup in the main browser it says Login completed, but still no Meteor.user(). Even if I copy the link and change localhost to I get the same.
I still don’t understand where this localhost in the popup is coming from.

The only config is the following : (in server/main.js) i tried both with and without the process.env.ROOT_URL set, same result in both cases.

Meteor.startup(function() {
	// process.env.ROOT_URL = "";
    service: "twitter"
    service: "twitter",
    consumerKey: Meteor.settings.public.twitter.consumerKey,
    secret: Meteor.settings.twitter.consumerSecret,
    loginStyle: "popup"

I simply call Meteor.loginWithTwitter() to start the login process.

I very much need to have this work for a client but so far no success, would really appreciate help if someone has an idea. Even if no idea I’d appreciate someone creating a simple app and using accounts-twitter and accounts-ui trying to get a simple twitter auth working with meteor 1.6 and tell me if succeeded.

Just tested a “hello, world” which worked fine (Meteor The only difference I see in your App setting is I have:

Callback URL	http://localhost:3000/_oauth/twitter

(no ?close parameter).

Could you please put your project on a github. I must have fucked up something somewhere…

You use consumerKey and consumerSecret from twitter, right ?


Seems i have the same issue with your repo… I am getting crazy

Could you be so kind and confirm that :
1/ your popup disappears after connection
2/ You have an user connected if doing Meteor.user() in console in your app after ?
3/ you’re running meteor --settings settings.json
4/ you’re on port 3000
5/ you’re using
6/ your callbackUrl in the twitter app is http://localhost:3000/_oauth/twitter (I tried with too)
7/ you use consumerKey and consumerSecret and not the access token

Sorry if questions seem stupid but I don’t get it. The only reason I can see is a problem with my browser or with my twitter app configuration.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. Hmmm. I’m using http://localhost:3000
  6. Yes
  7. Yes


Trying from localhost works. But then a few question :
1/ WHY ? and why not from ?
2/ I tried to have it worked live from a real url and it didn’t work, How Am I gonna manage in production ?

Already thanks a lot !

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From a DNS perspective, they’re not the same. Given that OAuth has to be certain that all the pieces line up, it’s probably as simple as that.

That should be easier, since everybody will agree that the names match. However, to minimise the risk of a man-in-the-middle attack, you should ensure you install a certificate and use https.

1/ Ok

2/ I will try again tomorrow and let you know but I am a bit “scared” as I tried today and it didn’t work. We agree that the only thing to change is in the Twitter app where I have to change my callback url to the following: ?

A big big thanks again !

Other than using https, I think that’s the only obvious thing.

I did post an example on github years ago.
however the problem remains
login is ok with twitter for chrome NOT for android WHEN using https
twitter login works for ALL other scenarios.
for ios or android a custom twitter login package must be developed from
scratch as it took YEARS to fix the basic parts
https WILL TAKE them DECADES to fix
meteor has made fools of us all

I will checkout the source and try to fix it.

twitter authentication on meteor/android/https fails making a total waste of time to use the twitter login