Is Angular 2.0 really such a beast?

The latest article on the official Meteor blog ran some tests and from the looks of it, Angular 2.0 even the alpha version blows Blaze, React, and Angular 1.X straight out of the water in terms of rendering performance. Why?

Are these tests a good reason to drop everything and switch to learning Angular

My personal opinion is that rendering performance on the client will only be a bottleneck for a tiny fraction of apps. For every other app, the main factor should be development speed - whichever framework lets you write code faster and build the features your customer needs.


Agree completely. Worry about what lets you get features out of the door quickly and then worry about switching out the view framework. Meteor is excellent in this regard, you can mix and match things.


While I haven’t yet done the benchmarks, I suspect that emberjs with the glimmer engine would come close angular2’s performance, they both use a hybrid method for doing rendering. Instead of re-rendering a whole vDOM they are able to cache nodes and also work out which nodes cannot be effected by a data change and vastly reduce which parts of the DOM need changing.

Either way, I agree with what has been already said, choose a framework based on productivity, you can always optimise later if it becomes a concern.

P.S. Angular2 is still in early alpha and not ready for production.

I agree also. Things like rendering performance certainly are important at some point and some level. But, in my experience, just getting the app built and making sure it’s functionally doing what your users/customers need/want is usually a more critical issue. Get right, get it done, then make it fast.

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Am I the only one who wants to buy into the hype and play with every new cool framework that’s coming out?

Switch? naaa, learn them all as they come!!! Meteor wasn’t my first js framework(platform?) and I won’t bet it’s my last…

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Well, on mobile platforms rendering is kind of important. It doesn’t matter how fast your development is if the feel isn’t natural. This has been a complaint about most hybrid apps in the past so I’m hoping more rendering speed equals better user experience over all on mobile.

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