Is Angular2 ready for production?

I am currently evaluating the use of angular2 / angular 1.x for a project that is heavy on front-end.
My question(s):

  1. Are there any apps in production that uses angular2 that any of you are aware of?
  2. If not, would you rather recommend to go with angular 1.x and may be move to 2.x in 6 months or so?
  3. The support, material etc, for meteor + angular2 is not much.

Please share your thoughts and insights.

angular material 2 is not ready yet, so unless going for another css framework, I would not recomend going to angular2 route.

You can begin with angular 1.5.X and follow the best practices to then migrate to angular 2

The project will make use of bootstrap4 and not material.

In that case I will not hesitate and I will go for Angular 2