Is anyone else using Meteor for avoiding to setup a server, server/page reloading, etc?


Most of the time when starting a new project, I end up using Meteor because I instantly have a server, browser refresh, templating engine, git and npm integration, mongodb, etc.

It feels like I don’t use Meteor to its fullest extend, and it might be a waste. Is anyone else using Meteor like this?


I use it a lot like that, in less then fives minutes I can have a rest or graphQl endpoint serving data in the cloud, I don’t need to think about configuration and setup.


You’ve discovered one of Meteor’s under-utilised benefits - a great build tool for any JavaScript app.


Thats how think of it as well, I’ve still found very little that suits me as much, and can help me get an idea into code as quickly.

I always feel a bit naked starting with just react, knowing that I don’t instantly have a server environment, websockets, and a DB.