Is anyone using Ember in Meteor?

My first post! :smile:

I’m sure a lot of you have been following the recent cool developments in the front-end rendering space. This are changing quickly, to say the least. How does Meteor fit in?

Lots of people like React and there’s a great blog post from @tmeasday about how Meteor is a great environment in which to write React apps.

Tons of people use Angular, and @Urigo wrote and maintains the excellent Angular-Meteor project (which was also presented at ng-conf yesterday). I believe he’s soon going to start working on an Angular2-Meteor project as well.

I’d love to see more work done to promote the idea that Meteor is the best platform to build apps, regardless of your preferred rendering framework.

Now, here’s my request: Ember has been getting some attention recently with their HTMLBars and Glimmer rendering engines. Has anyone been using Ember in Meteor? How was it? I’d love to see a blog post explaining what that looks like. We (Meteor Development Group) could promote these if they’re good and explained well.

Who’s up for this?


I’d be interested also in getting answers about your question. My take however, is that Ember and Meteor being both opinionated may make it difficult to merge.

For instance, Ember provides its own CLI and folder structure, libraries for AJAX queries… Those are likely not to play well with Meteor’s own versions of these.