Is anyone working on updating Meteor Cordova files to Swift 3.0?

I’ve been working on fixing a number of really tricky bugs in our Meteor Cordova app, which is on METEOR@ I am trying to get it working 100% on iOS 10 beta release since it comes out next week. The most annoying part is that XCode 8 beta 6 requires updating to Swift 3.0 syntax. (It gives the option not to, but I couldn’t get the iOS 10 app to build on anything but Swift 3.) So I run the meteor build command, and then I convert to Swift 3, and then that still leaves 24 errors in the Meteor Cordova files, which I’ve figured out how to fix manually in the Swift code files. But that is tedious.

Given the impending release of final versions of the new Xcode and iOS 10, I’m curious is anyone working on making this easier? I can help out by sending a list of all the fixes I’m manually making. I actually don’t even know where this stuff lives in the meteor repo.

@martijnwalraven ?


Yeah, I think @martijnwalraven should take a look, and help find where the fixes need to be made.

If you have a list of these fixes, that would be really helpful to start with.

I have documented what I’ve been doing, so I threw that into a Gist. It doesn’t list the file names, though, and I’m not sure if any of them would be specific to our app.

The xcode beta I’m using is the one listed for download here:


Thanks for taking a look at this. The Swift code for the Meteor Cordova plugin lives in the meteor/cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp repository. We can make the changes to convert to iOS 10 / Swift 3 there and have people install the plugin from Git for now.

Not sure if that would solve all your issues, because Cordova may not properly support iOS 10 yet. They have a policy of not supporting beta versions, and we’d also have to integrate an updated version of Cordova manually in a future Meteor release because we have no way of updating these independently.

@martijnwalraven here is a PR for the plugin: