Is apollo production ready ? Please do provide hints on my problem

Hi guys,

Im currently writing a cross mobile app using react-native and redux.For now i made all the different views and they are working smoothly(testing on android device and ios simulator).I heard of graphQl a while back and checked apollo out but it was at an early stage at the time but now allow me to explain what i m trying to achieve here.

The app has to fetch and submit data to at least 3 different servers.Im used to handling login in with meteor on the web and i first thought i should do the same on the mobile using the > react-native-meteor-boilerplate on github,but apart from the data submitted through the app, those have to be checked against different DB running on 3 different sql Servers.the app should send for example a name,birthdate,email and contracts which will be checked against a first SQLSERVER DB which has them all; then if those are found (meaning the user exists) we should then get his Unique id which resides in that other SQLSERVER DB on another server and send it back to the client RN app for use.

My question is: can apollo help me do that, as this app will serve as an interface between our customers and us.If it cant yet, which routes do you suggest i should take?
Personally after watching and reading about apollo and graphQl i think it might make things simpler for my case.

I thought of using meteor alongside simple-rest package to create a server app that will handle queries to the SQL SERVERS through Sequelize and return them to the RNapp using the method shown in the react-native-meteor-boilerplate.

I hope i made my request simple and not long enough.

Thank you guys and sorry for being lenghty :slight_smile:

We are currently using it in production, so I think it is ready! It sounds like you need a GraphQL server (that you can build with Apollo server if you like) that talks to all of your backends, that way your frontend doesn’t need to worry about where the data is coming from.

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Thank you for making it clear to me.Apollo GraphQl …ill add both the client and the server to my project.If adding the client doesnt break anything with my current redux settings.

Cheers from Ivory Coast.

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