Is appcache still recommended?

Is the appcache plugin still recommended? It’s still listed in the docs, and on the wiki. However, browser appcache support is deprecated. Is the appcache plugin doing something fancy (i.e. actually using service workers?) Or is it no longer recommended?

most javascript packages are recommended for, at maximum, 3 months. Anything older is totally completely useless and out of date. I wouldn’t be caught dead downloading appcache. I mean, if my friends saw me.

It hit a stable version a long time ago. It’s a fairly simple package; does what it’s suppose to do; had a bunch of people look at it at the time; they got it to do what they wanted it to do.

I don’t think it uses service workers. But otherwise, it should be fine. MDG has been doing a great job of keeping the framework backwards compatible; and it’s been a fairly core package for ages.


I always use it, helps greatly in decreasing load time and effort of apps.
Wasn’t aware that it has been removed from webstandards - I guess it is only going to be useful as long as browsers support it.