Is a real contender for Meteor?

At least in some aspects it seems that can compete with Meteor as they have some features in common:

  • data-sync: JSON structures that can be read, manipulated and listened to.
  • pub-sub: Messages that can be sent to one or more subcribers.

However it seems that this thing can scale well:

More on from their website:

. Stores and syncs data in realtime
. Built in node.js
. Works for browsers, backend & mobile
. Scales via clustering
. Exceptionally fast & easy to use
. Open Source and free

What are your thoughts? Anyone has already used it so far?


Wondering the same…
Edit: There is a dude that compares deepstream and meteor inside the comments:

I’ve read the comment and that guy seems to know very well what he’s talking about.

Anyway I also tweeted it this is the deep stream answer:

For sure isn’t a full stack famework, it can easily scale horizontally though.

There are pros and cons, as always :slight_smile:

Speaking of locking and full stack frameworks, this got posted on Hackernews today as well:

It seems to have all the cool stuff. Is this repo maintained by one person only?

Yep. Who knows, it might get more contributors. Definitely worth watching at least since it jumped in so many Github stars yesterday.

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