Is "Discover Meteor" still active?

I’ve purchased the book two days ago but I’ve seen that most of the comments are old (months, in some cases years). Is this book still being maintained?

Well the book has been out for over two years, so it seems normal that most comments would be old? What kind of “maintenance” were you expecting?

Thanks for your answer. With maintenance I meant if the book is being updated with the new changes Meteor is experimenting (for example, Flowrouter is not mentioned in the routing chapter). Also I noticed that at least until chapter 8.5, there are no recent comments, and with recent I mean within the last month, which made me wonder if the book is not being accessed by new users.

Just asking.


Oh we definitely have new readers, don’t worry. As for the update question, we’d love to keep the book up to date, but that would be a pretty big undertaking so we’re waiting for the dust to settle on a couple things before we do it.

Cool, thanks.

By the way, I love the book.