Is export default with object literal broken in Meteor?


I have a set of modules i’m using in a webpack app and would like to share them with my Meteor app.

However, when I try to import the index file it comes out as undefined. The same folder works great in webpack… is this a Meteor quirk?

// works/defined
import Column from '/client/components/common/html/column';

// also works/defined
import HTML from '/client/components/common/html';
const {Column} = HTML;

// fails/undefined
import {Column} from '/client/components/common/html';

console.log('col', Column)
// consuming file
import {Column} from '/client/components/common/html';

// index.js
import Column from './column';

export default {

// column.js

const Column = React.createClass({
export default Column;