Is Flow Router and Fast Render still the best thing to use with Blaze?

Basically as the title says. Should I be using Flow Router and Fast Render with Blaze or is there something better I haven’t noticed?

Also, I don’t really want to be using router level subscriptions, but I can if it makes things much easier. I noticed that Kadira’s docs say to use component/template level subscriptions because router level subscriptions suck, but then they proceed to tell you to use router level subscriptions anyway because that’s the best way to use Fast Render.

Is this true? Is it very painful to use Fast Render with template level subscriptions? Is Fast Render the best strategy for making the initial load fast or is there something else I should be looking at?

Looks like the most supported version at the moment is this one: You can also use these: &

Recent experience is good with no major issues, support is fast, issue answered right away.

Concerning fast-render, the maintained version seems to be here: Can’t say anything on this because I chose to keep the appcache package, and the two are not compatible (shame :/). So you have to choose if you want datas “cached” with fast-render, or your files with appcache (if you need offline experience, prefer this).

If you’re doing template-level subscriptions, I guess you’ll have to tell fast-render a way or another at route level what data you need, the docs explain it.

By the way, I also used with success these packages in the past few days: &

Big thanks to VeliovGroup ( and Abeck (staringatlights) for their work!


Thanks very much @nicooprat! That really helped me :slight_smile:
Kind of sux that appcache and fastrender don’t work together.

That analytics package looks fantastic, going to give that a go too.

You’re welcome.

Actually, I’m waiting for Service Workers to be implemented in Safari to drop appcache (and add fastrender back) and start being really offline-first. Maybe in 2018…

Concerning analytics, I only used Google Analytics & Intercom, can’t say if others services work.