Is GroundDB the right solution for me?

I’m working on a web app that users will, primarily be accessing from their phones. In some cases, it’s likely that I will have users that need to work with the app from remote locations with little to no network availability. So, I need it to be available offline.

AppCache works like a charm. I can browse to my app, completely offline, and get all of the basic components and UI.

Now I need persistent local data, so if the user ends up in a remote area they can load the app with the data that was last available to them online. GroundDB seems to be the answer, but I’ve had no luck so far.

I’m grounding my collections in template “onRendered” callbacks like this

Template.myTemplate.onRendered(function() { 

Which seems to be working despite getting this error for each doc in the collection. (Meteor does not currently support objects other than ObjectID as ids)

However, if I re-open the app in a new window while offline I get no data.

Right now, I’m making my subscriptions template level. Does that need to change? I’ve seen some older posts elsewhere about GroundDB, and it seems more common to have subscriptions hooked into your routes.

Does data need to be published differently with GroundDB?

After fighting with this for most of the day, I’m feeling more lost than when I started. I’m hoping somebody has a success story they can share that can either point me in the right direction with GroundDB, or just tell me I’m going about this all wrong.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

It needs some special setup. I’ll post it when I have my solution organized. I’ve tested it and the result is great!


That would be awesome! Thank you!