Is Hot code push broken on iOS?


I have an app deployed on heroku, and when I build for iOS, HCP seems to be broken. I have seen a few messages regarding this “bug” on other forums but no real explanation.

Here is the log:

**2018-10-18 12:40:36.942203+0200 Premia[1933:140955] Serving asset bundle version: 3e53d8a74f99d185edd94272536b033999610f80**

**2018-10-18 12:40:39.200604+0200 Premia[1933:140955] Start downloading asset manifest from: manifest.json --**

**2018-10-18 12:40:40.369383+0200 Premia[1933:141234] Downloaded asset manifest for version: 9c4c53cdc986cd3eb49b9f99b097a1bb76305b42**

**2018-10-18 12:40:40.370495+0200 Premia[1933:141234] Download failure: Skipping downloading blacklisted version**

**2018-10-18 12:40:40.374600+0200 Premia[1933:140955] ERROR: {"line":36,"column":30,"sourceURL":"http://localhost:12224/plugins/cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp/www/webapp_local_server.js"}**

Have you noticed something like this?

Might be related

Yes it looks similar. I still haven’t found a solution.

If it’s a known bug, is the Meteor team looking at it?


You can try joining the discussion in github to figure out the status of the bug

Thanks rjdavid, I did. Still no news on this issue. Maybe with 1.8.1?

Check my latest post in that issue. I posted the different PR’s waiting for review and approval from the Meteor team.