Is 'idiomatic' the new 'anti-pattern'?

After perusing the interweb for some time, I noticed that claiming somebody’s code as being an ‘anti-pattern’ is by far the most popular way to sneak diss someone. If you were looking for that feeling of superiority, you could just leave a comment on their blog telling them their advice is an anti-pattern and BOOM. Instant gratification for your ego.

But I noticed that recently things have changed (as of like 2014-2015). In the past, programming like react (html in js) would have got you an untold amount of anti-pattern sneak disses. But somewhere along the way this anti-pattern became not an anti-pattern (go figure). Around the same time, I noticed a drop off in people using the anti-pattern sneak diss methodology. It seems things have changed. Now the best way to sneak diss somebody online is by referring to code as ‘idiomatic’ (or not).

As I look to boost my ego from online sneak dissing, I feel that using anti-pattern is outdated. It makes me feel out of touch… do you agree that from now on we should be sneak dissing by using the word idiomatic? It just feels cooler. There is a much better chance people aren’t familiar with the phrase so you also score some extra esoteric-superiority points (at least for the next year or so).


This post is an idiomatic anti-pattern.



It’s really unfortunate that as soon as people see some trendy new way to write code they feel like the previous way becomes “wrong”.