Is Ionic + Angular currently the best choice for production?

Are there any stable & reliable solutions right now?
React Native doesn’t look ready yet, as well as Angular 2. React + Ionic feels wrong.

well, I guess that depends who you are and what your preference is :sunny: what goal are you trying to accomplish with Ionic & Angular?

Well, I had some good experience with Ionic before. As well as with notorious famous (I was slightly disappointed about it).
Now I’m a big fun of React but I like Angular too. The deal is that there’s a big question mark over the mobile Meteor development. Technologies are changing really fast now and it’s hard to be really confident about something.
I’m wondering when we’ll stop asking these stupid questions about mobile approaches :smiley:

Have you heard Transmission (specifically #6, about React Native), or seen Martin’s talk about the improvements coming to Cordova in 1.3? :wink: Looks good to me!

React Native is well and ready. I use it and I like it very much. Plus, I also use it in the web so I enjoy both worlds. I really don’t see how Ionic is better.

I went through this a little while ago…there’s not a lot of good alternatives. React Native looks like it will be the longer term winner. Possibly. But still everything at the moment seems problematic. Unless you are already an Angular dev.

However, another option to look at is ( its in beta ), their goal with their version 2 is to divorce from angular so you can use it with react or any other framework. I have had a little play, it’s ok… a few nice things are still angular only though.

Hi @praxie, I’m working with Meteor + Angular + Ionic for my mobile version for 2 months. For a hybrid app with Meteor, I think this is the best choice now.
You might want to take a look at this topic

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What do you mean with “React + Ionic feels wrong”? I think it is a great combination. Ionic is mature, and React is the best thing ever for frontend development. But of course, that is all personal :slightly_smiling:

I have ported quite a bit of Meteor-ionic from Blaze to React and it works quite well. I’ll open source it when I have completed more of the functionality and have written documentation.


No, I would not personally recommend ionic after having deployed an application to production with ionic

I’d be interested in this!

I’ve use Blaze + Meteoric and it just work really fine for a basic app (started last year with meteor 1.1).
I’ve not spend a lot of time to code the frontend and it was just what i wanted. ionic is a really good framework.

This would be amazing!

We used Semantic UI with Blaze (I am sure you can do the same with React) and we love it. Fast development, easy prototyping and really cross-platform. We come from a Bootstrap background and Semantic UI is really a breath of fresh air. It includes everything we needed and is easy to customize.

Why Blaze and not React? Because React is not yet first class citizen of Meteor and we want to get our App out there faster (MVP). When the dust settles we’ll revise (which is the normal tech cycle given how fast things move).

A short side-note: react-native not only works great for itself, it also works great together with Meteor. I am using Meteor in many projects for the back-end and website and react-native for the iOS & Android part. You can enjoy all the nice features like live code reload and DDP connections and have a native result.

@skirunman @cosio55 I published a first version of React-Ionic today:

It still lacks some features (as you can see in the kitchen sink app), but for many applications it is already quite usable I think. And I’ll keep on developing it. Any help is appreciated :smiley:

This looks AMAZING! congrats, and as soon as I start to get a better grab on React (I am just starting to learnt it) I would be more than happy to contribute

Thanks man! You won’t regret learning React, it’s awesome

This is awesome, thanks for sharing.

Was wondering what version of Ionic you built this from, 1.2.4 or the 2.0.0 beta or did you fork the old Meteoric code? Would be awesome if it was based on the latest Ionic 2 release that is based on Angular 2 as this would be closer to React in concept and one could use the latest CSS and icons from the Ionic 2 release, which has added a ton of new features.

It is based on 1.2.4. I thought about using Ionic 2 when I started, but it wasn’t ready then. I’m using this library for an app we are developing and I couldn’t live without some of the features.

This was a couple of months ago, so maybe things are in a better state now with v2.

BTW can you tell a bit more about how Angular 2 is closer to React in concept? Maybe it isn’t that difficult to move to v2 then? The one thing that was a hassle to implement were the animations, so I hope they stayed the same more or less :slightly_smiling:

Great job by the way. Yes, I would assume the animations were hard to get right.

This article talks about angular 2, but most simply it is more declarative and component based.

Ionic 2 components are also written in typescript.