Is IronRouter really dead?


Everybody says ironrouter is dead and we all have to use flowrouter. But what say the number?


I’m still using it two apps… the last one is just using it for routing though. All others are using FlowRouter because of the flexibility and minimalism. It still works though!


I’m using it in one production app, plus the one i’m currently working on.
Mainly becuase Meteoric(Ionic for blaze) is bound to it.


And I don’t want to use it anymore … never! :wink: I love Flow Router, its simplicity and clear purpose. Also all that stuff around it. Why we need Iron Router today? I think it is dead, but old and everywhere, so it’s still popular. I hope official Meteor Guide will change it.


Not only is it not completely dead, but it got officially forked into the clinical:METEOR track, and will be available via clinical:router. Just run the following:

meteor add clinical:router

I hate adding support maintenance load to the project, but we needed a) route prefix support via the ROOT_URL environment variable, and b) to standardize on the router we’re using. So, we’re picking up minor support and maintenance of the project.

As far as future maintenance goes, we’re probably going to:

  • deprecate anything to do with subscriptions and the waitOn() function
  • migrate whatever syntax we can towards FlowRouter syntax, as possible, to minimize refactoring steps
  • patch whatever is needed to publish the clinical track


What I would like to do with iron:router is to make iron:layout a weak depencency and adding the default action handler to iron:router based on which layout package is available in the app.

I also want to remove implicit computations on all hooks/actions and have the context of these functions have this.autorun as onRendered to midigate the “problem” with to much reactivity within router logic.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about with iron:router is to try and add finer grained access to params, query params, route name and path.

Only reason I haven’t started on this is my lack of time between my work at Hansoft, my current packages and “real life”.


Actually, it’s hard to compare. IR is kind so popular on the popular meteor tutorials, courses.

But anyway, if IR works best for someone, there is no need to worry about anything else. We still have some apps which use IR.


Adding subscriptions in my app at the route level is probably one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made (why make my app modular when I could tightly couple everything?). Kudos to this change.

It’s still on my backlog to transition to flow:router, will get there soon enough.


I still use it. IR works fine if you know the dos and don’ts. (also waitOn is not evil, just don’t abuse it)


i have code router use iron router …try my code :smile:
name: ‘userProfile’,
waitOn: function(){
return {
user: Meteor.users.findOne({ username: this.params.username })


i don’t think it has to be dead… there are some pieces that definitely need to be rewritten, and some of the useful features from FR could be imported

part of the problem is that lots of people are filing issues but few are actually submitting complete, tested solutions


No one will update the Iron Router or fix the bugs, even its creator. Stop being blind and use Flow Router in all your future projects, it is much better, stable and its support is awesome.

So, the answer is Yes.


i don’t think there’s any reason to take that tone… you won’t, but that doesn’t mean no one will


I have a production application running on IR, but it hasn’t been updated in a while: still running Meteor 0.8 I think. I started a new project with FlowRouter and I like it. Took me a bit to get used to the new template-based subscription pattern, but I’m better off for it as it is a much cleaner approach and FR sticks to doing the only thing a router should do: route.

My new app seems to perform much better on FR and I don’t get those weird, nearly untraceable behaviors that would get using IR.


@chrisbutler did you become the new maintainer? I see you are the one who did some fixes on it last month?


I am trying to keep it up to date!


ok interesting to see that, did not see any announcement on it. Good work for the community!