Is it a good idea to program a salesforce like CRM System in Meteor?


Hi guys,

I am really really new to meteor (coming from django)
and I love the idea of doing my next project in meteor.

BUT: After doing some tutorials (simple todo-list stuff)
and reading about “many-to-many relationships in mongodb” in combination with “reactive joints”,
I really start to wonder if it is a good idea to the project in meteor (mongodb).

Django with postgres and it’s migration system definetly seems to have some big advantages.

So I wonder what you guys (as experienced meteor developers) would recon me?

To give you some idea of what I want to achieve:

I want to create a small salesforce crm including the following objects/schemas:

  • users with roles and permissions
  • contacts
  • leads
  • tickets
  • statistics

Would you guys use Meteor for this project?
What stuff would you recon me to pay special attention to?

I am really looking forward to your feedback.



I think you’ll have any problem at all by building a CRM-like app in Meteor.
Plus: users will benefit from real-time features seen leads popping up and changing their status on the screen without F5 presses. I’ve built two CRM-like apps in PHP, but by what I’ve been done with Meteor, for sure these two previous app could be done with it.


I rolled my own CRM for my clients. Maybe not as feature-rich, but super-cool nonetheless, since you can have a lot of auto-updating data for all kinds of analytics out-of-the-box. A SPA works really well for this use case.

If you could work out a feature-rich easy-to-integrate solution for Meteor, I’d pay for it.