Is it already good time to start new app with Angulas2 (beta)?

Meteor have quite good Angular 1.x support. Last time I have checked Angular2 support (a few months ago) it was still not ready for production (both, Angular was in alpha, and Meteor package and documentation still needed some work).

Is somebody already using Angular2 with Meteor in production? Is it good idea to start with Angular2 right now?

I have the same question and I’m curious to see what @Urigo and others have to say regarding the issue that @sirockin raised here about Angular 2 dependency injection.

Still hanging on to Angular 1 …

Since Angular2 is in beta and Meteor isn’t 100% there with it, I would have a hard time recommending a production app. However I have been using it for the past few weeks and really enjoying it. I’m finding a few bugs here and there that I can’t tell if they are Angular or Meteor issues so that’s frustrating but for the most part it is very easy and Uri’s tutorial certainly helped me get up to speed enough to be dangerous.