Is it common to deploy to multiple regions?

currently: not yet in production, but running a dev instance on Galaxy against an mLab db. this is working fine.

soon, we want to go to production. we are targeting the US and China for launch, which tells me i want to deploy to datacenters in those regions.

or does it? how do others handle such deploys? how do others keep data in sync across regions? or do others deploy to one region and CDN their way to users globally?

some considerations:

  1. we are a small shop w/ zero devOps experience
  2. we will have budget for running production (i.e. i won’t complain that it costs more than $31 USD to host a db)
  3. i’m looking for the most performance/reliability for the least amount of hassle

i know Galaxy is not yet in Asia, so i’m simultaneously wondering about the best alternatives for our situation, and if we should simply proceed with Galaxy and see what happens later.

i know this post is a little unfocused, sorry for that, but i am unschooled in all matters devOps. help is appreciated.

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Hi @zimv20,
Did you manage to deploy on multiple regions ?
I have the same issue for a mobile app.
Galaxy’s advice is to deploy a server on each region with a different domain name (,, …) but how can I set the mobile app to connect to the right server ?

no, we deployed to us-east on Galaxy and Mongo Atlas and did nothing additional. i think i read that Atlas will, in the future, support multiple regions and syncing data among them, but i never followed up. sorry.

if you find out anything, please post back here because we’ll need to solve this in the future.

I have found a solution to route the mobile app to the right server.
I deploy the same app name (ie. to each galaxy deployment (,…), then I use AWS Route53 latency policy to route my domain to the right server (,…).
However I couldn’t find a cross-region replicated database provider…
Compose support gave me a way to synchronize databases with Transporter but gave up when I asked how to set the MONGO_URL to read from a database and write to another. :grin:

It looks like AtlasDB now supports cross-region replication. Came to this thread searching if anyone had done this.

@paulseb Could you elaborate on how the AWS Route53 latency policy works? I figured if you deployed the app to the to two different regions that Galaxy would handle all this. Apparently not?