Is it normal for Meteor-Tool to be almost 5GB?

i.e. ~/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/. Mine on OSX is reading 4.78GB. Meteor v1.4.2.3.

Just checking! :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s “normal” in the sense that everyone who uses Meteor sees similar sizes :slight_smile:

Every time you upgrade Meteor it keeps older versions of the code and packages in there, so it grows in size. And in that old version of Meteor is a whole separate mongod, etc. So you have to clean it out manually if it’s an issue.

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Gotcha—is there any known reason to avoid removing those old versions? Mine goes back to 1.0.35!

No. The only “problem” after cleaning out the directory is that it’ll download a number of packages again.

Hm, why would that happen? Just out of curiosity.

You’ll most likely remove a version which is needed somewhere - in which case the package in question is downloaded.

Ah, you mean an explicit dependency on a specific version of meteor-tool? I guess I hadn’t realized that was a thing :slight_smile:

Yep the local folder can get bloated because of updates, however if you feel the need to do a cleanup you can just remove it (only the local folder) and rerun meteor. It’ll take a bit longer to download all the packages, but you won’t have any unnecessary bloat anymore.