Is it normal for node to kill battery life?

I get about 3 hours out of my 2015 MacBook Pro 15" when I’m working with Meteor. When I’m doing anything else I can usually get 7 - 8 hours easily.

Anyone? I’d love to hear opinions on this and some suggestions if there is indeed a problem.

My understanding is that it’s the file watching - since Meteor is constantly processing files to ensure fast reloading, it uses a fair amount of CPU. Other JavaScript build tools seem to exhibit similar behavior.

What could we say? Obviously its normal for development server to consume CPU resources.
Obviously, load depends on everything from packages to code itself.

Personally, along with PC I use Windows based ultrabook(with touchscreen).
It doesn’t have “super low consumption mode” like intel 7 gen processors do and I didn’t feel real difference against other tasks involving processor and user activity with most of projects I had to work on. Hence, we cannot give you any advices in case we don’t even have context around “anything else” and project you have.

Considering google, telling me that your MacBook’s battery life should last up to 9 hours,
I don’t think that 7-8 hours is possible with any smillar task. So, I suppose, your power consumption is average.