Is it possible for someone to build an Apollo tutorial?

Hey all.

I’m extremely excited to get working with Apollo and would love to start implementing some of it into an app I’m building - the documentation looks really well done, but a lot of it still sounds/looks like gibberish to me (as a new-er web developer).

I’ve been scanning over the example projects everyone posts here and I’m starting to get a grasp on the concepts, but some of it still confuses me.

If MDG or anybody with some time could create a similar Todo List App with Apollo + Blaze/React/Angular, I think the community would be very grateful.
I know it is at it’s technical preview stage, but I think having a basic tutorial could really help the community to embrace the project.



It’s a technical preview. You should wait until the API has been set in stone.

See here, where I made similar points: Apollo node versions supported

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True, it’s still a technical preview, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a tutorial for it.:wink:

We already have a tutorial for the server here, and one for the client is coming soon!

On the docs there are also a bunch of example apps, which may be of interest. If you have questions, you can always join the slack channel and ask there!

Disclaimer: the tutorial is supposed to give an idea of what Apollo is like. I wouldn’t recommend building a production app with it, unless you’re either very brave or already have some knowledge of GraphQL.


Cheers helfer, appreciate the help!

Yeah I wouldn’t use it in a production app, but I would like to try it out so when it is ready, I’ll have a little bit of a headstart!

Thanks. I’ll check out that tutorial!

The one @helfer is referring to is located here (follow along while it’s being developed, and in particular check out the great dev log!).


a dead simple todo tutorial would be great.

And I mean dead simple… zero fanciness… zero fluff code… no code that isn’t directly involved in getting the concept of graphQL across… just enough to show the flow of actions from (1) the data request in a blaze helper, to (2) however graphQL talks to the DB, and (3) back to helper to be fed into the spacebars of a super simple template.

I’ve read ten blog posts and all I have garnered is that I should be excited about graphQL and that it talks to databases. I’m starting to wonder if graphQL is a legitimate technology or just an $800 pair of yeezy sneakers that i don’t need.


like this?

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I know I’ll sound uncool for saying this, but… no, not like that.

I am talking dead simple.

dead. simple.

That is full of lots of fluff, involves youtube, search and is just not even remotely what I would call dead simple. It’s not rocket science, but it is in no way dead simple.

I’m talking about not a complete app. I don’t want to see 30 import statements and setup files.

  • 1 helper function that calls graphQL to get a single field… the todo (I don’t even want to see a completed boolean field)**
  • 1 template that displays a single todo (I don’t even want to see and #each)**
  • 1 graphQL query and whatever is behind it**

The equivalent of a js file with a helper function with a sub call, a template with a spacebar, and a server file with a pub function… zero frills… zero outside api calls… zero examples of simultaneously querying an SQL database and mongodb database and preferably not using react

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Go ahead. we’re waiting :). Cant wait to see the tutorial man!


I wasn’t putting your work down at all. Just explaining that it didn’t apply to my suggestion is all.

No need to take offense.

It’s totally possible that you don’t need it, by the way. If it doesn’t seem like it’s solving any real problems for your app then it might be overkill!


Oh no, you get me wrong. Simply encouraging you to do it.


I think a lot of us more ‘casual’ or beginner Meteor users are moreso just excited to be able to use other databases with Meteor, but I’m sure there are a lot of users who couldn’t care less about how that works (GraphQL)

I think GraphQL looks really cool and very effective, I especially like the GraphiQL service, and I’m interested in learning more about it.

Anyways, I think what the other poster(s) are thinking is that the current Meteor tutorials are just so incredibly simple and easy to get into – having one (even eventually! no rush) with Apollo would be fantastic.

Keep doing what you are doing @sashko you guys rock.


but them yeezys though…

Any plans for the client tutorial? :slight_smile:

@lcpubs We’re working on finishing a couple of features in Apollo over the next couple of days, and after that we’ll make a big push for documentation and content. A client tutorial will definitely be part of that, so stay tuned!


Perfect thanks! I’m planning to use it in the next project :slight_smile:


Is it so that Apollo is already reactive with Mongo?

No, not in the strict sense. Right now apollo only has polling, and we haven’t started working on other ways to provide reactivitiy yet.

So from what i gather Apollo isnt ready to build production app yet…For example interfacing with a Sql server database in an app that will be deployed across a country?