Is it possible to get meteor apps to run totally on the device?

I’m building a mobile app with meteor, and when I came to try and build it for Android, I realized that it needed a server to connect…although all the code is in the client folders.

I was wondering if it was at all possible or reasonable to get the app to run locally on the mobile device ONLY.

Its totally possible. I have done a few apps this way, which don’t have any server code, and they don’t need a connection to the server at all.

For android, building it by
meteor run android-device --debug
would automatically make it connect to http://localhost:3000. But since there’s no updates from the server, it doesn’t really make a difference.

For data, I’m guessing you’d want to use local collections.
To make them persistent, try for quickly getting local mongo in the app. In my opinion this is way better than struggling with local storage that cordova provides access to.

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since everythings going to be saved on the device locally, I’m going to stick with local collections and xml sheets. I’ll definitely take a look at GroundMeteor.