Is it possible to get session referrer?

Is it possible to get the referring URL? document.referrer seems to not really jive with meteor or am i doing something wrong? I simply am looking for a way to determine if a user is coming from the “parent” domain of the client.

You can check location.pathname or location.href

Thanks Nick but that get’s me the current path or the current URL. I’m looking to get where the user came from when they landed on the site.

I think the problem is that you are using the force-SSL package. Because it is secure, the browser does not allow you to find the document.referrer field.

Thanks Nick. That package wouldn’t affect cookies would it? If I set a cookie on the “parent” domain to reference in the app I should be able to get the same result? I totally forgot about the SSL issue.

I think that it won’t affect cookies, as the Meteor accounts system uses cookies to allow you to be automatically logged in after you closed and reopened the browser window.

The Meteor accounts system does not use cookies, it uses local storage.