Is it possible to implement drag & drop like in Trello?


I wonder if it’s possible to make Trello-like application with Meteor, including upload file by drag & drop and moving elements with mouse?


I believe it’s very possible. Can’t see any reason why it’s not.

Take a look:
These guys do write Trello in Meteor.


Yeah, I also believe it’s doable in Meteor but wanted to see an affirmative answer.

I’ve tried the board from the link above and it seems you can’t move boards with mouse like in trello.
I’ve posted the question in github.



Maybe try this:


Take a look at


You can drag cards with libreboard. Make sure you’re logged in.


Actually I’ve tried after login. I will try again.


I’ve just tried again - you can’t move boards.
Please give it a try.


I just tested it and I could move lists as well as cards via mouse drag and drop.


You can’t move boards, but why would you?


In trello you can move boards.
My question is not about the reason why I would move, but about the possibility to implement same feature as in trello.


Dragula works really really well, but takes away click events.


Yes. You are right. I’m sorry.

You can move cards (like shown by the clone), so there isn’t any technical reason why you shouldn’t be able to do the same thing with boards.


My subjective opinion, libreboard is not as much attractive and flexible as trello.
But minitrello looks interesting.