Is it possible to make custom form with autoform for same database

I have schema , autoform , can I add some more field in autoform?

yes can. It’s all there in the docs. We built a medium size app with it, but wouldn’t use it for any future projects. The ROI is kind of low for a lot of cases, customization and exceptions. You feel like your wasting more time learning how to work around it, than you’re saving by using it in the first place.

Perhaps read this thread to get a general consensus

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We are trying to find a good alternative, with more flexibility for Vue. Because at the end of the day, we only would like the schema validation. Would you know an alternative?

met a guy named Gusto over on the Vuetify Discord channel who said

at the moment i’m finishing up a form generator for vue, a bit similar to meteor’s autoform

I’ll see if I can get a public repo link

fyi the “Vue Land” and “Vuetify” channels on Discord are very active.


reply from Gusto

hi, the schema part is public repo but the templates with template documentation are not public yet so it’s not usable for outsiders. i’ll try to push both before tomorrow as i want to finish it finally and focus on other projects. initial package libraries are for vuetify and buefy + you can write your own templates for any other library. there are still a few fixes to do and features that i hope to finish this week
how about you, did you manage to move your project further?
there are also 3 similar packages already released if your friend is interested
the most popular is vue-form-generator
and it’s not 1:1 autoform, just the same idea. also it doesn’t cover the server part since unlike meteor vue is backend agnostic

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If you only want schema validation for Vue, I can recommend Vuelidate. My form package is using Vuelidate under the hood too anyways.

I’ve put the provide Meteor example task on my Asana, will link it here when there’s something to show.