Is it possible to share the user database across multiple apps?


Hi, I’ve seen several articles on sharing a common database across meteor apps, etc and that’s pretty clear. However, I have a situation where I’d like my apps, in general to have their own schemas, however, I would like to share the user info/logins/etc across the apps. Is this possible?


@eoliphant, as far as I know you can share a common database and that’s it. You can create an api to login users in one database and use this relation to populate another database with user’s id, for example. Or you can use just one database and create schemas/publish functions just for the ones been used on the app.

I would consider both approaches depending on what you are trying to build.


Ok thanks. Yeah, basically, I have some distinct but related sites and would like users to have a common identity, etc, but would also like to be able to take care of all of meteor’s out of the box user management capabilities in each site as well.


Did you find a solution for this?


There’s a bunch of information here - I haven’t tried any of this, as we do our multi-app accounts differently - but it may be helpful.


I gave up, we’re using Auth0 now. It’s actually better as we’ve got backend micro services, etc in the mix now, and with that I can pass the authentication down as far as I need to


Yeah - that’s essentially what we’re doing, but with an in-house oauth service.


I think Apollo is able to achieve this sort of thing.