Is it possible to use a JAR file with Meteor on Galaxy?

I’m attempting to connect our business app to the Walmart API, and the API’s recommended method of authentication is through their JAR executable.

I was wondering how to implement this in Meteor and found this post -

According to that post, you can use the described functionality to find the local directory and run the jar file.

But my concern is, would this method work nicely alongside Galaxy? I’m not sure if it breaks any server restrictions, as well as it requires Java SE 6.0 or greater, which I’m not sure if it’s installed on the Galaxy server.

Any advice?

Honestly I highly doubt Java would be installed on Galaxy machines. Or most other Meteor hosting providers to be honest. You may want to find a way to call their API directly with node (if it’s REST should be relatively easy, many packages exist that can be templates) - not to mention efficiency and server load (maybe security?) — or host yourself on VM.

If you are going to be a big client, reach out to MDG support :wink:

Thanks for the response. I suspected the software may not be included, since we have basically no control of what’s on the server, and I’m fairly sure it’s only Meteor requirements directly.

It is possible to manually authenticate, but it’s just not their recommended method, so it would have been nice to save time and just use their JAR.