Is it possible to use Meteor + Blaze without jQuery?


I could not find this information in the guide, docs or forum search on jQuery inclusion in Meteor core packages.

I use Meteor and Blaze to build an app for running on industrial equipment. Local storage and bandwidth is a performance concern and so I have been leaning out what is sent to the client. The largest client dependency at this point by far is jQuery, which seems to remain in my project even though it is neither a top-level Meteor package nor in my node_modules packages.

Where is it coming from?

Can you run Meteor with Blaze without having to use jQuery?

My project has no $ or jQuery references anywhere in it either so I cannot figure out what it is used for or where it is coming from…


Blaze currently depends on jquery


I think it’s a pretty heavy dependency as well - as in it wouldn’t be easy to remove I think.