Is it problem with Meteor or VulcanJS or something else?


I’m trying to kick start my first meteor project with another framework (VulcanJS) which based on meteor, but I have ran into some runtime which the browser (chrome) try to load the application.

Error i got on my chrome

And I have raised it with Vulcan team, and they believe it is due to meteor 1.6.1, Node v10.0.0 and Npm 5.6.0 are incompatible with each other.

Anyone ran into the same problem, is it something to do with Meteor or VulcanJS?


can you downgrade node to v8.9.4 to match meteor’s node version ?

no error for me OSX 10.12.6, meteor 1.6.1, node v8.9.4, npm 5.6.0, chrome 66.0.3359.139, FF 59.0.2

vulcan 2-repo install

meteor list
accounts-password    1.5.1  Password support for accounts                       
example-instagram    0.0.0+
vulcan:core          1.10.0  Vulcan core package
vulcan:debug         1.10.0  Vulcan debug package
vulcan:i18n-en-us    1.10.0  Vulcan i18n package (en_US)
vulcan:i18n-fr-fr    1.10.0  Vulcan i18n package (fr_FR)
vulcan:ui-bootstrap  1.10.0  Vulcan Bootstrap UI components.

already mentionned here : Upgraded to now Getting all kinds of Console Errors


Thanks and let me try to, will come back here.


On a separate thread on Vulcan Starter Github Issue #55

Seem it is related to some of the packages which need to be updated for the example project to works with latest version of node and meteor. I will try that out in my environment and give anyone a shout here.


Pulling the latest master from starter project and followed all sort of suggestion, still no luck with example-instagram project but a blank page regardless whether it have error from console or not.

Before giving up for other solution, is the following softward combination supposed will works?

Node v10.0.0
Npm 5.6.0

Or it need to be downgraded node to v8.9.4?


For Meteor you need Node 8.11.1 and npm 5.6.0


downgrading now. thanks @robfallows


Thanks a lot. it all about the node version 10.0.0 is not compatible and all good now once downgraded to Node 8.11.1