Is it safe to run another Meteor app on the same database?

Current project I’m working on uses obsolete version of Meteor. Plus CoffeeScript, IronRouter, ton of global variables and subscriptions.

I want to get rid of it incrementally, so my idea is to start developing another app with React and run it simultaneously with existing on the same database. At first there will be few features, but eventually it will replace the old one.

I care about things like what will happen if person logs in in both version, would data reactively change on one client if changed in another.

In case I don’t change DB schema, would this strategy be ok?

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An “obsolete version of Meteor” implies an “obsolete version of MongoDB”. So, that may be an issue for you - an up-to-date Meteor with a back-level database is not a good strategy. At the very least, as part of your incremental upgrade, you will need to plan when and how to upgrade Mongo.

Having said that, it’s generally an acceptable way to redevelop an app.

The same database means the same Meteor users collection, so it is the exact same user in both old and new versions. So, yes, data mutations made in one app will affect the other.

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