Is it safe to start new projects with Meteor 1.3?

I have some good projects which I need to start soon. I need to make sure they are future proof. So, is it ok to use Meteor 1.3 beta to start building these apps?


And if I’m using React with Meteor’s mixin, what does the migration path look like? I’m not doing anything crazy, just tons of React components, with the Mixin sprinkled in where necessary.

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@lcpubs 1.3 beta so far is all about a) ES2015 modules and b) bugfixes and performance improvements (as far as I can tell). I personally don’t see anything that should keep you from using it for new projects. I’ve just started developing a new project with 1.3 beta and it seems to work well, the developers seem to be doing a good job at making it quite usable and fixing stuff quickly.

And ES2015 modules is definitely the future-proof way to go with Meteor. It’s coming with 1.3 for sure, so it’s a good idea to start using that now. Not like you’ll have to rewrite all code that is using that feature because suddenly the roadmap for 1.3 will change. It’s a beta feature in terms of its implementation, not very beta at all in terms of what is actually being implemented, i.e. the ES2015 modules standard.

@sergiotapia What’s special about React with Meteor’s mixin as it relates to Meteor 1.3? As far as I can tell from what’s been written by Sashko around here is that even though using a mixin might not be the optimal way to go if you’re looking at it from the perspective of a “React purist” – i.e. there are people who don’t consider mixins a good idea any more – but it’s still a viable way of doing things and will continue to be supported for a (very?) long time.
The amount of code that would have to change even if you did decide to not use a mixin but rather do it a different way, later down the road, is also so small, that I wouldn’t spend too much time thinking about this particular thing for now, except if you are putting like 5+ developers on building a humongous app right now and want to carefully consider all architectural issues, but I’m guessing that’s hardly the case.

This is just my understanding of how things are looking atm, and I might very well be wrong since personally I’m not doing anything with React yet, just following the conversation. (To me it doesn’t feel as solid a choice as Blaze does, in the context of Meteor. But that’s just me and many others are using it happily and successfully.)

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Great thanks for the info! Is there any guide on how to use ES2015 modules in meteor? I have a basic idea on ES2015 modules and like to see how meteor handles it :smile:

I’m not sure what you’re getting at lol.

Basically my question is: When I upgrade from Meteor 1.2 to 1.3, will my code still run or do I need to perform some module shenanigans such as from X import Y?

But, it depends on your codebase…

That’s why I’m specifically specifying I’m literally only using simple components (jsx files) and React with the Meteor Mixin.

Your code will still run without any changes required. The new modules feature is going to be optional for you to use, you don’t have to use it and keep coding as you were.
Since the devs did not announce any major changes to React integration you don’t have to worry about something you’re using suddenly becoming unsupported.

Using ES2015 modules in Meteor:


Great thanks! :smile: