Is linting default in METEOR@1.3.3?

After I updated to 1.3.3 Meteor gives me errors for globals:

Foo = new Mongo.Collection('foo');

ReferenceError: Foo is not defined

Is there anyway that I disable some rules, or what?

Where are you trying to use Foo? Did it work in 1.2? There should be no difference in 1.3+.

Exception is thrown where I make the assignment.
So I think it doesn’t matter where I try to use it. Correct?
It works if I define it with const.
It works with METEOR@ without any problem.

That’s odd - is this in a file in imports/? I don’t understand how we wouldn’t have noticed before, and we are definitely using stuff like this all over Galaxy. I feel like there is some missing information here.

The files are located in the /collections directory, not in imports directory.
I am going to reproduce the issue with a minimal code.

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That would be awesome!

Here is the repo.
I found that if I remove es2015 preset from the .babelrc it works.

Have you tried removing the babelrc entirely? The ES2015 preset has strict mode on by default, which doesn’t allow globals.

I am going to remove babelrc, thank you @sashko.