Is Manifold JS something that could be used with Meteor?

Just saw this posted on Hacker News: Manifold JS.

I haven’t tried doing any app development with Cordova or Phone Gap etc…
Is this another new option? Or is it something completely different that wouldn’t work with Meteor apps?

Have you tried Meteor’s native PhoneGap integration with meteor add-platform ios and meteor add-platform android? We put a lot of work into optimizing it for Meteor apps specifically.

Yeah I have run the demo and played with it in the simulator, haven’t tried getting my app running in it yet though, although that is my plan eventually!

I just saw it on HN and thought I would ask if it were an alternative… not saying one is needed! :smile:

ManifoldJS can run any web app, it doesn’t matter if it’s Meteor or not. Go to, then paste a link to any URL, generate a package, then follow the instructions at to deploy the app to any platform. It’s like the most simple thing ever. I did that and in 5 minutes my web app was running as an app on my iPhone.

Meteor uses cordova, and so does ManifoldJS, but ManifoldJS also packages your app/site for Chrome Webstore, Firefox Marketplace, and Windows 10.

The best thing would be to just try both ways out (Meteor and ManifoldJS).