Is MDG still using Trello roadmap?

You could perhaps tie in number of commits to that particular fork and display them, to at least have a proxy for activity level.

Right now, I’m using the talk at the Angular conference as a proxy. Considering a slide presented to them showed “MONGO / SQL / REST” at the bottom for available data sources supported. :smile:

It’s still a useful resource for people to vote and discuss those topics at the moment. I don’t think not having that banner for the next week or two while we figure out a new solution will kill anyone.


Mark it as depreciated because that is fair. Now the title is saying: “Meteor Roadmap” which is a lie att this moment because it’s not maintained.

If you are a beginning user and you find this page it gives you a view on Meteor which is not true. It’s ranked quite good in Google so there will be some visitors I guess who end up there.

You don’t have to remove it from the internet, off course not, it’s contains lots of useful pieces. But is should be clear for the reader what he/she is reading.

It won’t bother MDG, it’s abandoned as roadmap already.
It won’t bother the people who are still voting there.

Do I see it that wrong and is there something important which gets hurt by being open about it? Or does it take time to add the message and is that in contradiction with the priorities?

Everything takes time to do well. Especially since we don’t even know if we will keep Trello or not, so putting up a message would give people the wrong idea.


@sashko thanks now I understand better how you see and deal with things.

@sashko Any progress on this?

BTW, if you’ll do with, please, use GitHub’s Milestones for this. I’d like to see mile stones and not particular tasks on such board.
Also voting is quite important, it’s at list some way getting information about what community actually wants.


Any updates on this? I guess the “two weeks” are over now? :wink:


same thing over and over again unfortunately, it’s really strange

At least, @sashko liked my post. That’s a good sign, I suppose :smile:

Yes is is indeed funny! :smile: but sad on the other side like more of this kind of topics.

You know, if we added up the person minutes involved in commenting on and, I’m pretty sure we’d have enough hours for a full-time dev to work on extra DB support for a year. Damn, I wish we could channel random effort … :cry:

let comment =[quote=“sashko, post:3, topic:12443, full:true”]
Yes this is correct - we’re working on a way to have a more reliable and frequently updated roadmap through GitHub issues + Any ideas would be welcome, but the main goal for me would be that we don’t have to update the “roadmap” manually - things should just naturally move through columns if we are working on them.

comment = comment.replace(‘’, ‘’);


That would be cool! I deployed a Wekan instance at if you want to try it. I haven’t promoted it yet, but we already use it for the Wekan Roadmap. We still miss the GitHub integration though, but that would be one of the first plugin to be developed once we have a plugin system (“early 2016”).

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very nice - can I rely on this instance to stay up, or should I set up my own?

saw your presentation at devshop - big ups :+1:

Yes you can rely on this instance — actually I always took care of migrating the data and maintaining the server from the very beginning of my involvement in the project 1 year ago, so even if you created a board on back then you should be transparently redirected to this new instance.

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Wekan seems a natural fit once it gets GitHub integration. I’m using Waffle for a few personal projects and apart from the design, it’s the GitHub integration that sets it apart. The issue weighting, stats, comments linking, etc. I’m also using imdone, which is a Kanban in Atom (and others). It has some GitHub and thus Waffle (and hopefully Wekan) integration, but I haven’t really explored that. Would be cool if when you mark something as DONE: in your source, it just cascaded through to everything.

In terms of voting with Waffle, there’s a link here to an interesting alternative.

All hope is not lost. @sashko posted the following in one of the myriad of database threads back in october.

@sashko Just had a look at, the information provided over there seem to be rather old. How’s the Waffle solution going? It would be nice to have a reliable roadmap somewhere :slightly_smiling:

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We’re having some meetings soon about how to improve transparency in general. I’ll try to get this figured out.