Is Meteor 64 bit?

Hi All,

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere before, but I’ve been looking for quite a while and don’t see a clear and straight-forward answer.

When installing Meteor on 64-bit Windows 10, everything is 32-bit. I didn’t see an option, or any link to instructions for using 64-bit versions of Meteor/Node/MongoDB when installing.

I really love what’s happening with Meteor, thoroughly enjoyed the tutorials, and was excited to start using it, until I went to insert some records into mongo…

Can someone from the Meteor team please answer this for people who are looking for an answer like me?

I’m really not looking for a debate about windows vs. nix vs. osx, or “why do you need more than 2gb of space?” arguments. I have my own reasons for using windows, and also why I want more than 2gb of persisted data just like everyone else has their reasons!

Thanks in advance for clearing this up for windows folks!

Actually, the 2GB argument is kinda outdated. Even on Windows you can address up to 4GB with 32-bit system with PAE support. From the currently used Windows versions, only Windows 7 Starter Edition doesn’t allow that. Other versions of 7 and all versions of 8 and 10 can use up to 4GB. Also, Windows restricts it to 4GB mainly because of money.

On Linux 32-bit systems, with PAE you can use up to 64GB.

Note that the 32 bit restriction is only for development mode! In production you can use whatever build of mongo you want to.

We decided to ship only 32 bit partially to avoid having multiple builds, and partially because 64 bit node on Windows had some bugs at the time. Perhaps we should switch to 64 bit only once we upgrade to node 4. @benjamn something to keep in mind.


Thanks Sashko!

Can you point me to any articles/instructions on swapping all the 32bit components with 64bit components?

Side note, I already had node and mongo installed, could Meteor in the future, perhaps just use what you have installed rather than bundling?

Meteor 1.4 (node 4…) still comes with mongo 32bit. on windows.
Any update any update on this matter?
running ‘meteor mongo’ warning says 32bit mongo is deprecated…
this is a 32bit mongo running on a 64bit os.

all I did to upgrade to meteor 1.4 was meteor update.

Did you have any luck on getting it to run in 64bit mongo on Windows?

No luck what so ever; its not that much a problem for me since dev in on window and prod on ubuntu and ubuntu does not have this issue.

I was able to use the techniques discussed here on my end MongoDB - Meteor 1.4 32-bit deprecated is an issue?; Using MONGO_URL

A little annoying though, so ultimately I decided to just stay 32-bit for dev on Windows as well.

I am using Meteor 1.5, npm 3.10.10, Mongod 3.2.14 on Window 10, i386 32bits. I am building Rocket.Chat for development on the PC.

But I couldn’t build it successfully. I’v got a message: /Rocket.Chat/.meteor/local/db/rocketchat.0 failed with error errno:487 …wrong address… (file size is 67108864) in MemoryMappedFile::remapPrivateView. When I read this:, I found the error may be related to “32-bit builds limited to around 2GB of data.”

The memory size installed on my PC is 4G, and the usable size is 2.99G.
If even on Windows I can address up to 4GB with 32-bit system with PAE support, can I build Rocket.Chat for development with 32bit-Mongod 3.2.14 on Window 10, i386 32bits successfully?

Is there another way how I can build Rocket.Chat for development with 32bit-Mongod 3.2.14 on Window 10, i386 32bits successfully without PAE like downgrade meteor or Rocket.Chat ?

@brajt, @sashko: