Window 64-bit problem in summary

Window 64-bit problem in summary

  1. Issue
  • It seems Meteor team and many developers already know this problem well.
    I soon came to know this after undergoing some problems.

Ex. for this issue) Is Meteor 64 bit?

  • I guess this issue is so subtle and difficult to patch clearly, as there are so many different environments and variables.
    So my intention here is,
  1. To remind this issue to Meteor team.
  2. To let some developers know about this issue, and to give some information.
  3. I just wonder how and why this problem is difficult, and how Meteor team or anyone thinks about this.

2. FYI, here are some problem/solutions I’ve experienced:

  1. Symptom
  • It hangs on when “meteor run” for the very first example project:
    meteor mongodb “Unexpected mongo exit code 100”
    (Environment: windows 7 64bit, Meteor 1.5.1)
  1. Working solution
    Ryan Martin, PhD
  2. Setting environment variable MONGO_URL
    setx MONGO_URL mongodb://localhost:27017/meteor
  3. Start another stand alone mongodb before starting program

  1. Symptom

Meteor stuck at Extracting meteor-tool after “meteor run”
Ex) Extracting meteor-tool@1.3.2_4…
(after downloading meteor-tool)

(Environment: windows 7 64bit, Meteor 1.5.1)

  1. Working solution

This is a problem caused by the tar extractor provided by Git.
In my case, it is located in C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin\tar.exe

<= My Comment:
Not sure, but it went to the next step after quit a while.

Working solution! just delete the 7z shipped with meteor tools

from here

win 10. I fixed:
in \AppData\Local.meteor\packages\meteor-tool\1.4.2_3\\dev_bundle\bin
should delete 7z.exe

and it will work!

seems there is an issue with this running on 64bit machines and shouldn’t be shipped with meteor tools!

Sorry, the long “FYI” parts are a bit mixed up and not edited well. Please excuse this and many other akward things. hm…and I omitted detailed contents…it is : “The issue itself is quite simple. When installing Meteor on 64-bit Windows 7(or 10), everything is 32-bit.”

In addition, for the problem I wrote in the issue,(Symptom: Meteor stuck at Extracting meteor-tool after “meteor run” )
maybe that’s not related to win 64-bit problems.
I just followed a message “do meteor update”, and there were huge updates after a long time(about an hour?).
(FYI: And I got one more error after “meteor run”. And after following console message "meteor npm install --save babel-runtime"
I finally succeeded to run the “Microscope” project. That was a bit frustrating and long.)