Is Meteor fit for this kind of app

Hi guys,

So im thinking of building a small app for personal use. The app is a fitness tracking app, and the core feature is to let the user track his workout sessions on the fly.

So im thinking to have a Collection with exercises, that the user can choose from, then when they create a Workout session, they can for each exercise add the weight, sets, repetions and so on for the given workout.

How would we go about making these relationships in Meteor? Is it even fit for these kinds of applications?

Thanks in advance!

This app CAN be coded in Meteor.

However, I think it won’t be making use of the features for which Meteor is famous. This looks like an app where the user need not be connected to the server to fetch data, keep data in sync all the time, update the views (data) when changes appear. I think it’ll be pretty straightforward app. May be you can experiment with local Collections, gather data for data mining etc.

Having said that, with Meteor, you’ll have the app running in no time!

Something like Fitocracy?

I think it would be perfect in Meteor.

I feel like Mongo would be a good fit because not all exercises have weights, and not all involve varying reps, not all involve timing etc… so you can be quite flexible with how you store that information. Rather than a relational DB where you might need a lot of wasted data.

Hi guys, thanks for getting back to me!

I think I will definitely try to build the application using Meteor then, might start when I’m off work later today. My only concern is about how to build my collection to allow for this. I built the basic functionality of the application using the Laravel PHP framework, where I had to create a pivot table, to bind the relationship between the workout and the exercises. Now I want to make it more mobile oriented, more responsive and more app like, so I think that Meteor is a great fit :smile:. I Have tinkered with Meteor in the past, but never built anything significant with it.

Im thinking of doing something like this:

Programmes Collection (this could be a users standard programme they follow)
Workouts Collection (user can store their workout session, maybe even pull in their standard programme and just start adding)
Exercises Collection (all the available exercises are stored here)

The main challenge would be to store the information in the same Collection I guess? So for each exercise the user performs, they can update stuff such as weight, repetitions sets etc. in the current workout.

Is Meteor still a great fit for this?

I don’t know Fitocracy, but it looks pretty cool!

You could do it in meteor, but you could also do it in just about any other framework.

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Did you get to make the app? I’m interested in making something similar just to track my workouts and add a feature which will give me some analytics at the end of the month where I can see the progress and gainz I’ve made :smiley:

Hi @evelynfredin :slight_smile:

I am currently building a workout app, but i’m using Laravel (as a backend API), and Vue JS as my frontend layer instead of Meteor.

Your project sounds really interesting! Would be great to hear your thoughts on what you need in an application like this, cause my own needs are very minimal, but I haven’t found any app that solves it the way I want :smiley: