Is Meteor good for my project?

Hello all, and first of all let me apologize for my newbie question.

I have to start a new project, and was thinking if Meteor could be the right tool…

If I understand correctly, Meteor needs Node.js running even to display the frontend (given its templating possibilities). Am I right?

Of course let me explain my project. I work for a company who develops security and domotic panels, and we decided to put a webserver inside our next generation project. To keep things simple, think of it as a router with a webserver inside it for configuration purposes. Only, it runs on a microcontroller and not on a CPU. My idea was to develop a webserver for it, and then in a later stage bring all the interface in a cloud server, so users could manage and monitor the panels in realtime via a cloud server, hence not connecting directly. To do so, my dream would have been to write a unique interface layer, and then use two different logic/connection layers (one for the panel itself, to be used locally, and one for the cloud, which basically reroutes the connection to the actual panel aomehow). So again, back to the question: it would be impossible for me to write anything in meteor that can run on the microcontroller where we have a simple (really, really simple) HTTP webserver, wouldn’t it? Am I forced to use a JavaScript-only (Angular, probably) on the micro, and so bring it as it is in the cloud along with Node.JS and MongoDB for session and data storage? Is there any other solution in this huge JavaScript frameworks constellation we live in today?

Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone and again, sorry for the question. I know it’s not so useful to the community but I don’t know where to begin. As I said, the are just too many solution nowadays for realtime web applications…

Yes meteor is a good project for this. I just did something similar.

Angualr is front end. The micro controller doesnt need to run front end.

The micro connect to the server, and the user connect to the server. The server is a mediator. The micro is a client, like the user.

Thanks for your answer.

Yes, the scenario you described is what I called the “Cloud scenario”. Anyway I also need to connect directly to my device in case there’s no internet connection available…

that is a routing issue, not a server issue.

Always having internet is impossible in theese scenario. Use a local server on a raspberry pi.

Unfortunately I can’t add a microprocessor in my device.

I guess I have two choice between developing two projects (the local web server and the cloud server) and write only one but without meteor…