Is Meteor good or not for large scale project like Banking System?

I would like to build Banking System: Loan, Saving, Accounting... on Meteor & MongoDB.
Is Meteor good or not for this (Compare with Java & Postgrest and PHP & MySQL).
Could you help me.

Did you see this discussion?

Once apollo is matured it will be, as it’s more likely mongodb that wouldn’t be suited for those industries. With apollo you’ll be able to use pretty much any database.

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Thanks for all reply, so it mean that it is depend on DB (don’t depend on programming Meteor/Node).
Postgres, MySQL (SQL) is good for large scale then Mongo (NoSQL) ???

Depending on what you’re really doing, your primary issue isn’t likely to be scale so much as criticality of atomic updates. In financial domains, it is usually very important that your database be consistent at all times. With all but the simplest of update scenarios, this can be difficult if not impossible to achieve with MongoDB while also maintaining performance goals.

CQRS systems are achievable (and already proven with Meteor) on Node and Mongo which scales like no others. Thus, ‘Is it good for large scale project like Banking system?’. Yes. You will not use reactivity everywhere therefore not using the full potential of Meteor. But it will assuredly make your life simpler as so much libraries are already well integrated into this framework :wink: My moto is ‘When I use Meteor, I win 2 man months in expense for doing the project right’.

Side note. A CQRS example: